mini scooters?

Maybe its the pregnancy urges but I’ve really been wanting one of those hands free mini scooters!





Even Bieber has one!




So naturally I had to get one too right?! I’ve been doing my research and there’s a lot of places selling them at various prices but the quality usually isn’t the same. Some people have reported these hands free scooters blowing up on them due to cheap lithium-ion batteries. So during my research I had the chance to speak to the customer service team at OvO Suite. Unlike other scooters on the market, they use Samsung batteries, updated Printed Circuit Board with chips imported from France and an extra strong cardboard box to protect against damages during shipping. Sounds good right? I’m going to get one from them and test it out (while pregnant, cray cray I know!)


Stay tuned!!


Long Time No Talk!

Hey guys I haven’t updated this blog in a long long time! I’ve put writing about furniture on hold for the time being (will post up more articles this summer) and have been working on my new digital product review blog. Basically what I do there is buy digital products and go through them one by one and then make my recommendations. I’m hoping the review site becomes a valuable resource for anyone considering purchasing the books I review.


Besides that I’ll be back with more articles shortly! Have a beautiful spring!!


5 Lights Under $300 to Perk Up Your Dining Room

One of the easiest ways to cheer up any room is to change the lighting. More often than not, homes come with boring lighting that makes the entire room look dull. This includes the lighting in the dining room, the one place in the house that is centered around entertainment, conversation, and food. If you find that the boring brass pendant above your head is enough cause to move dinner elsewhere, check out the following lights we offer that can perk up your room and not break your bank.


Polish Acrylic Pendant ($99.00)

If you’re looking for a light that will bring the day inside, check out the Polish Acrylic Pendant. Our most affordable ceiling light, the pendant is a unique sunny design that will brighten any room. What makes this lamp unique are the acrylic strips that can be formed in any design you desire.


Le Klint Pendant Lamp ($129.00)

For a stunning yet deviously simple lamp, consider adding the Le Klint Pendant Lamp to your dining room. Evoking the layered beauty of flowers and shells, this handcrafted lamp will add a touch of elegance to your dining room. If you want the emphasis to be on this light, keep the room’s décor to a minimum.


Incise Aluminum Pendant Light ($150.00)

Want your dining guests to revel in the beauty of more industrial materials while remembering your clubbing years? Hang our Incise Aluminum Pendant Light above their heads that will disperse light throughout the room like a sophisticated, diner-friendly disco ball.


Cylinder Pendant Light ($199.00)

If you’re instead looking for a fixture that emphasizes natural textiles, check out our Cylinder Pendant Light. The large shape and woven strings will diffuse the light and remind you of the natural beauty your home has to offer your guests.


Mantle Pendant Light ($215.00)

Think the 1920s and 1930s would have been the ideal decade to live in? Add a little bit of the Art Deco movement into your dining room with this Mantel Pendant Light. The smooth curves and soft white color will help make your dining area and your friends appear soft, beautiful, and delicious, just the way all dining experiences should be.


Mansion Acrylic Chandelier ($285.00)

If the earlier seasons of Downton Abbey were more your style than the Jazz Age of recent episodes, consider adding proper lighting to your dining room with the Mansion Acrylic Chandelier. The bright colors help keep this light from feeling outdated while adding a little class to your table.


Quick Decorating Tips

So many of us are actually design challenged, and have no idea where or how to start decorating their home. One major problem is trying to figure out what type of storage is best for you. The best tip for starting with storage is to look for something that does not look like storage. Try looking at flea markets or thrift stores, and the items do not have to be in the best shape. You can always paint it and fix it up as needed; even adding some gloss and putting on new handles for dressers will give it great look. Also think about using benches for storage, they look great in any room and help to keep your items organized and out of the way.

When it comes to choosing a design style many moms find this to be very challenging. There are just so many different styles to choose from. Try to focus on what the main colors that you want to work with are. If you want bright than that would be part of your theme, and make sure that you use the colors in your home that aren’t going away. If you are not thinking about changing your floors than you will want to incorporate the color of your floor into your overall theme. Also if you have existing furniture that you just cannot get rid of than that is another color you will want to use for your room. If you find that you’d rather replace your furniture all together, look into modern or mid-century furniture from well-known furniture stores such as EMFURN or your local Bed Bath and Beyond.

From that point you can decide if you need to use warm or cool colors in your room. Your next step would be to choose your drape colors. You may not want to choose your wall color until you finished with the other colors. Decide whether you want your arches or doorways to be a decorative element in your room or if you want it to fade into the room. If you want it to stand out you can paint your walls near the doorway the same color as the brick and they will blend in very nicely. But be sure that the color that you choose matches the rest of the colors in your room. Redecorating can be a very huge task, depending on how much you want to change. You may think about taking a few decorating classes. Most local colleges offer adult classes that include interior decoration, and it is usually not that expensive.

When it comes to your floors start by picking out an area rug that you really like, and then you can pull some of your colors right from the rug that would coordinate your room nicely. This could be a great place to start if you are completely at a loss for ideas. For example if you purchase a rug with a lot of blues and greens you could use any of those colors in that color field to paint your walls. Also try coordinating your rug colors with your drapes and upholstery. The reason why you want to do this is because it is a lot less expensive to change your painting color rather than all of your fabric. Do a few online searches and look at different ideas. Try to avoid copying someone else’s idea; it will really be great if the room showed your personality.


Decorating your home on a budget

Having the same color scheme and seeing the same things can get quiet boring. However, many people cannot afford a interior designer nor can they afford to makeover their home. So what can they do except for live with the same thing? The answer is very simple: learn to get thrifty. A person can decorate their entire house for $300.00. Yes, you read that right! For $300.00 you can makeover your entire house. All is takes is being thrifty and have an imagination.
The biggest expense in this makeover is the paint. Painting a wall will go a long way with the makeovers. It adds color, it adds a focal point and it takes maybe a day or two to finish. The average can of paint runs around $30.00. As I said, the paint will be the most expensive part to this makeover.

Another great way to decorate any room is bringing in flowers from the garden. This adds color and it adds beauty to any room. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything.

In the living room
Once this room is painted the color you want, then dress up your windows with simple yet elegant curtains. All you need is a twin, flat sheet and some ribbon. Sew strands of ribbon on the top of the sheet and then tie the ribbons onto the curtain rod. If the sheet is to much then cut it down and make some throw pillows for your furniture. The possibilities are endless. The living room makeover will cost around $20.00.

In the bathroom
Paint this room to create a “spa” feeling with cool colors such as blue and white. Don’t forget the flowers. Once these things are completed have some inexpensive photo ledges installed on the wall. These ledges can be used to display collectibles or anything lying around your house such as: vintage mirrors, vintage plates or even pressed flower art work. This tip adds a focal point when you are going to the bathroom. You can find a photo ledge for around $10.00 on

In the bedroom
Who doesn’t want an oasis to get away from the stresses of everyday life? This can be done by unifying mismatched furniture with a coat of paint such as white or black. White and black are considered neutral colors and can go with almost anything. Then look at thrift stores or flea markets for vintage material and create pillowcases and curtains. Use blankets, quilts and throw blankets for an inviting feel to your bedroom. You can also change the dressers hardware for an extra bonus. Now you have created an oasis for $20 – $30.00.

In the kitchen
Paint is going to be your best friend here. However, this room will be a little more expensive than any other room because of the paint, sandpaper, hardware and a paint stripper such as paint thinner or even turpatine. It is really easy to spruce up your kitchen. The biggest thing you can do to the kitchen is repaint your cabinets and change out the hardware. Simply sand the existing paint off with the help of the turpatine and then repaint. Instantly, your kitchen will look lots better. Once that is done, sew some cushions for your chairs and even repaint your chairs. Add a table cloth by the way of another flat sheet and some ribbon. Then your kitchen will be made-over for around $40 – $50.00.

On the porch
The first thing you need to do is start decorating with some live plants such as ferns or some kind of tree that can live in a pot. The next thing to do is go to thrift stores, flea markets or even garages sales and find some kind of furniture that you can spruce up with some fabric and an outdoor rug would be nice. Next you need to make some cushions for your outdoor furniture. Make sure that your fabric is outdoor fabric because you don’t want it to ruin with the weather conditions. Another room done for around the price of $40 – $50.00.

This is just some of the ways that you can decorate your house, especially on a budget. Remember that things from thrift stores, flea markets and even garage sales can be given new life with a good washing and some paint. For $300.00 I just made-over five rooms. Let’s see the breakdown of how the $300.00 was spent:
$150.00 for paint
$ 20.00 for living room
$ 10.00 for the bathroom
$ 30.00 for the bedroom
$ 50.00 for the kitchen
$40.00 for the porch (this is just an estimate as thrift stores prices vary).
For little cost you too can makeover your house without breaking the bank. Wouldn’t you say it is time to get thrifty to save you some money? I would say just that. So, happy decorating and good luck at being thrifty.