5 Lights Under $300 to Perk Up Your Dining Room

One of the easiest ways to cheer up any room is to change the lighting. More often than not, homes come with boring lighting that makes the entire room look dull. This includes the lighting in the dining room, the one place in the house that is centered around entertainment, conversation, and food. If you find that the boring brass pendant above your head is enough cause to move dinner elsewhere, check out the following lights we offer that can perk up your room and not break your bank.


Polish Acrylic Pendant ($99.00)

If you’re looking for a light that will bring the day inside, check out the Polish Acrylic Pendant. Our most affordable ceiling light, the pendant is a unique sunny design that will brighten any room. What makes this lamp unique are the acrylic strips that can be formed in any design you desire.


Le Klint Pendant Lamp ($129.00)

For a stunning yet deviously simple lamp, consider adding the Le Klint Pendant Lamp to your dining room. Evoking the layered beauty of flowers and shells, this handcrafted lamp will add a touch of elegance to your dining room. If you want the emphasis to be on this light, keep the room’s décor to a minimum.


Incise Aluminum Pendant Light ($150.00)

Want your dining guests to revel in the beauty of more industrial materials while remembering your clubbing years? Hang our Incise Aluminum Pendant Light above their heads that will disperse light throughout the room like a sophisticated, diner-friendly disco ball.


Cylinder Pendant Light ($199.00)

If you’re instead looking for a fixture that emphasizes natural textiles, check out our Cylinder Pendant Light. The large shape and woven strings will diffuse the light and remind you of the natural beauty your home has to offer your guests.


Mantle Pendant Light ($215.00)

Think the 1920s and 1930s would have been the ideal decade to live in? Add a little bit of the Art Deco movement into your dining room with this Mantel Pendant Light. The smooth curves and soft white color will help make your dining area and your friends appear soft, beautiful, and delicious, just the way all dining experiences should be.


Mansion Acrylic Chandelier ($285.00)

If the earlier seasons of Downton Abbey were more your style than the Jazz Age of recent episodes, consider adding proper lighting to your dining room with the Mansion Acrylic Chandelier. The bright colors help keep this light from feeling outdated while adding a little class to your table.


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