Quick Decorating Tips

So many of us are actually design challenged, and have no idea where or how to start decorating their home. One major problem is trying to figure out what type of storage is best for you. The best tip for starting with storage is to look for something that does not look like storage. Try looking at flea markets or thrift stores, and the items do not have to be in the best shape. You can always paint it and fix it up as needed; even adding some gloss and putting on new handles for dressers will give it great look. Also think about using benches for storage, they look great in any room and help to keep your items organized and out of the way.

When it comes to choosing a design style many moms find this to be very challenging. There are just so many different styles to choose from. Try to focus on what the main colors that you want to work with are. If you want bright than that would be part of your theme, and make sure that you use the colors in your home that aren’t going away. If you are not thinking about changing your floors than you will want to incorporate the color of your floor into your overall theme. Also if you have existing furniture that you just cannot get rid of than that is another color you will want to use for your room. If you find that you’d rather replace your furniture all together, look into modern or mid-century furniture from well-known furniture stores such as EMFURN or your local Bed Bath and Beyond.

From that point you can decide if you need to use warm or cool colors in your room. Your next step would be to choose your drape colors. You may not want to choose your wall color until you finished with the other colors. Decide whether you want your arches or doorways to be a decorative element in your room or if you want it to fade into the room. If you want it to stand out you can paint your walls near the doorway the same color as the brick and they will blend in very nicely. But be sure that the color that you choose matches the rest of the colors in your room. Redecorating can be a very huge task, depending on how much you want to change. You may think about taking a few decorating classes. Most local colleges offer adult classes that include interior decoration, and it is usually not that expensive.

When it comes to your floors start by picking out an area rug that you really like, and then you can pull some of your colors right from the rug that would coordinate your room nicely. This could be a great place to start if you are completely at a loss for ideas. For example if you purchase a rug with a lot of blues and greens you could use any of those colors in that color field to paint your walls. Also try coordinating your rug colors with your drapes and upholstery. The reason why you want to do this is because it is a lot less expensive to change your painting color rather than all of your fabric. Do a few online searches and look at different ideas. Try to avoid copying someone else’s idea; it will really be great if the room showed your personality.


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