Decorating your home on a budget

Having the same color scheme and seeing the same things can get quiet boring. However, many people cannot afford a interior designer nor can they afford to makeover their home. So what can they do except for live with the same thing? The answer is very simple: learn to get thrifty. A person can decorate their entire house for $300.00. Yes, you read that right! For $300.00 you can makeover your entire house. All is takes is being thrifty and have an imagination.
The biggest expense in this makeover is the paint. Painting a wall will go a long way with the makeovers. It adds color, it adds a focal point and it takes maybe a day or two to finish. The average can of paint runs around $30.00. As I said, the paint will be the most expensive part to this makeover.

Another great way to decorate any room is bringing in flowers from the garden. This adds color and it adds beauty to any room. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything.

In the living room
Once this room is painted the color you want, then dress up your windows with simple yet elegant curtains. All you need is a twin, flat sheet and some ribbon. Sew strands of ribbon on the top of the sheet and then tie the ribbons onto the curtain rod. If the sheet is to much then cut it down and make some throw pillows for your furniture. The possibilities are endless. The living room makeover will cost around $20.00.

In the bathroom
Paint this room to create a “spa” feeling with cool colors such as blue and white. Don’t forget the flowers. Once these things are completed have some inexpensive photo ledges installed on the wall. These ledges can be used to display collectibles or anything lying around your house such as: vintage mirrors, vintage plates or even pressed flower art work. This tip adds a focal point when you are going to the bathroom. You can find a photo ledge for around $10.00 on

In the bedroom
Who doesn’t want an oasis to get away from the stresses of everyday life? This can be done by unifying mismatched furniture with a coat of paint such as white or black. White and black are considered neutral colors and can go with almost anything. Then look at thrift stores or flea markets for vintage material and create pillowcases and curtains. Use blankets, quilts and throw blankets for an inviting feel to your bedroom. You can also change the dressers hardware for an extra bonus. Now you have created an oasis for $20 – $30.00.

In the kitchen
Paint is going to be your best friend here. However, this room will be a little more expensive than any other room because of the paint, sandpaper, hardware and a paint stripper such as paint thinner or even turpatine. It is really easy to spruce up your kitchen. The biggest thing you can do to the kitchen is repaint your cabinets and change out the hardware. Simply sand the existing paint off with the help of the turpatine and then repaint. Instantly, your kitchen will look lots better. Once that is done, sew some cushions for your chairs and even repaint your chairs. Add a table cloth by the way of another flat sheet and some ribbon. Then your kitchen will be made-over for around $40 – $50.00.

On the porch
The first thing you need to do is start decorating with some live plants such as ferns or some kind of tree that can live in a pot. The next thing to do is go to thrift stores, flea markets or even garages sales and find some kind of furniture that you can spruce up with some fabric and an outdoor rug would be nice. Next you need to make some cushions for your outdoor furniture. Make sure that your fabric is outdoor fabric because you don’t want it to ruin with the weather conditions. Another room done for around the price of $40 – $50.00.

This is just some of the ways that you can decorate your house, especially on a budget. Remember that things from thrift stores, flea markets and even garage sales can be given new life with a good washing and some paint. For $300.00 I just made-over five rooms. Let’s see the breakdown of how the $300.00 was spent:
$150.00 for paint
$ 20.00 for living room
$ 10.00 for the bathroom
$ 30.00 for the bedroom
$ 50.00 for the kitchen
$40.00 for the porch (this is just an estimate as thrift stores prices vary).
For little cost you too can makeover your house without breaking the bank. Wouldn’t you say it is time to get thrifty to save you some money? I would say just that. So, happy decorating and good luck at being thrifty.


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