Hans J. Wegner’s Chairs

Hans Jørgen Wegner

Hans J. Wegner (1914 – 2007) is one of the greatest furniture designers of all time. His furniture designs established him as one of the most creative designers of mid-century. Though he was a son of poor shoemaker, his great ideas and designs brought a new revolution in the field of furniture design.

Hans J. Wegner’s masterpiece chair designs include Wegner CH07 Shell Chair, Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair, Shell chair, Wishbone chair, Papa bear chair etc. He used to create furniture with amazing forms and functions. He completed his degree from Copenhagen School of Arts & Crafts in 1938. Then after, he established himself as a designer in Erik Moller’s and Arne Jacobsen architectural office. Later he initiated his own office in 1943.

Shell Chair

Initially, Wegner wanted to work in hard solid wood designs, but consequently he discovered the use of the bent plywood which ultimately became a very significant achievement for the present day uses. This amazing chair was named “smiling chair” in the 1963. Its seat was designed like a wing which was very light in weight with legs arch curved. Though this chair was 3 legged its stability was superb. This was an outstanding job done by the expert. Wegner assumed that the shell chair must be beautiful in external appearance from all sides and angles. This masterpiece was considered as a marvel of beauty and grace and first introduced in Denmark. Nowadays, we can find these chairs for sale at renowned sites such as Emfurn.


wishbone dining chairs

Wishbone Chair

During 1944, Hans J. Wegner initiated a series of chairs which were inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming Chairs. Wishbone chair (1949) was also known as “CH-24”, “Y”. This amazing chair was produced implying various raw materials that involve solid beech frame with coloured lacquer, solid walnut frame with clear lacquer having paper cord seat and solid oak frame with black lacquer. The seats are even produced of semi-aniline dyed fine black leather. White coloured seat is present in almost all coloured chairs except black, orange, walnut, white and oiled chairs because they possess a natural coloured seat. These light weighted chairs replaced the use of heavier forms at the time. It was not an easy task to create this amazing design (steam-bent solid). Only a genius mind with intimate knowledge is capable of doing this. Even the seats are hand woven from paper cord (durable).


Papa Bear Chair



One of the most popular chairs with best design – Papa Bear Chair – was created by Hans Wegner in 1951. It has been produced by Modernica for two decades. Despite of minor modifications, the dimensions, fabric pleating, materials and frame construction of the chairs are still following the original one. More than 50 fabrics and leather choices of the chair is available these days. Lightly-cured, natural and premium saddle leather is brought into use by high-end traditional European furniture-makers and saddlery-craftsmen.


Folding Chair

wegner folding chair

In 1949, Sir Wegner designed the most comfortable light-weighted chair named “Folding chair”. It was a chair with modern design which had a hook in order to hang it in a certain place. This admirable chair also helps to save a lot of space inside home. It is very significant for the people having a desire of relaxing and dreaming in smooth oak, sturdy woven cane. One of the salient features of this chair is that it has a triangular construction that can be folded neatly.


This iconic designer has given us countless artistic marvels to marvel and his furniture designs are still as popular today as it was 50 – 60 years ago and will be for generations to come.


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