Accent Chairs & Contemporary Chairs

accent chairs

accent chairs

The term “accent” emphasizes or highlights an object. Accent chairs are also known as decor chairs. Accent chairs are widely used in the living rooms of modern, well designed homes. Similarly, contemporary chairs refer to the chairs that have been produced around the late 19th century. Given that contemporary chairs reflect the conglomerate of classic and modern designs, they are popular all over the world.

Accent chairs are generally composed of fabric or leather and wood and used as a finishing touch and an extra seating arrangement. They’re generally well-priced and very affordable. When it comes to accent chairs, you have a lot of designs to choose from. From simple straight-back chair with arms to large chairs like chaise lounge all fall within the accent chair’s design category. The elegant and bold designs of accent chairs make it worthy to be placed in the living room of your house. No doubt, a modern living room set may not be fully complete with the absence of an accent chair.

brittany blue velvet wing chair

On the other hand, contemporary chairs are made up of soft leather framed in best quality hardwood and very lovely colours. Numerous designs of contemporary chairs have been made till date. Similar to accent chairs, their designs are also very elegant and popular amongst designers. The amazing colours and materials used in the chair generally draw a lot of attention.

While dealing with comfort, I would personally recommend these chairs as they have soft leather seats and bigger wooden frame. You can place these chairs in the living room or hallway. Besides that they can even be placed by the fire or near a window. The room gains a very harmonious appearance once the chairs are placed there. The chairs can also be used to provide secondary seating for reading novels or newspapers. Okay, now tell me what it feels like to relax in one of the accent/contemporary chairs and to enjoy the amazing view of the nature through the window. Besides that, they also provide complete satisfaction to your guests at home because they function like a loft converter and I assure you that they’ll be a point of appreciation.

Eames RAR rocker chair replica

Eames RAR rocker chair replica

Though contemporary chairs are quite expensive there is no room for fault in their quality. You can find accent chairs under $500 here. I can guarantee you that it is impossible to get any chairs with same quality at this price range. Price is not the only thing that you should consider while buying these chairs. You should equally focus on quality and durability of the chairs.

To sum up, contemporary and accent chairs are the chairs that you must have in your modern house to complete the overall look. Visit to find contemporary, décor and accent chairs to furnish your home.


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