Last Minute Father’s Day Present: The Immortal Eames Lounge Chair

Still looking for that perfect Father’s Day present? The Eames Lounge chair is perhaps your best best. It’s been the topic of countless documentaries, books and has appeared in many films since its inception. It literally revolutionized the furniture industry

There are many reasons why this chair is so popular and would serve as the perfect Father’s Day present. It is comfortable, elegant, well designed, combining both natural wood and leather. It can’t get more manly than that. Its the type of furniture any man would love and cherish and spend countless hours where you’d find him reading or taking a quick nap.Image

This timeless classic works well in any living room, particularly ones where the wood panel of the chair matches other furniture within the living space.



 Combine the Eames lounge chair with its matching ottoman and you have a fantastic set for lounging, relaxing after work or taking a quick breather.



The best place for your Eames Lounge Chair? Undoubtedly next to a fireplace. Combine it with a mid century coffee table and a couple accent chairs to boot.



Another beautiful shot of the Eames Lounge chair next to a fireplace. Imagine lounging and coming up with the next million dollar idea with that spectacular view on that immensely comfortable chair.



As you’ve might’ve been aware, the Eames Lounge Chair comes in various colors and wood finishes all of which can be found at It would be best to choose the best combination of this chair that your dad would love the best.




Looking for the perfect mid century combination? Try a mid century sofa and mid century coffee table such as the Noguchi table along with the Eames Lounge chair to complete the set.



White leather works particularly well in smaller spaces. Lighter colors generally make smaller spaces look much larger.



As previously mentioned, this functional chair works in almost every room. Here we have a his & her eames lounge chair in the master bedroom. A perfect, cosy reading spot by the window. Get one for your dad and one for your mom too!Image

Is your dad a big reader? Place an eames lounge chair in his library and you might never see him again as he’ll probably spend hundreds of hours on that beautiful chair and his favorite novels to keep him company.


The Eames lounge chair is perhaps the perfect All American Father’s day present. If you forgot to buy him a present this year or couldn’t figure out what to get him, head over to any modern furniture store or any online store where excellent reproductions can be found such as Emfurn. If budget isn’t an issue, check out the official version of this chair by Herman Miller. 


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