10 Obscure Facts about the Eames Lounge Chair



Thinking about buying an Eames Lounge chair? Not only would it make an excellent addition to your home or office, it will also add loads class and history to any room.  If you’re aiming for the mid-century look, an Eames Lounge chair is an absolute must. It is one of the most recognizable chairs in history and its popularity exists till this day. This chair is a fantastic investment. Although replicas are almost as comfortable as the authentic version, authentic chairs are able to retain more of its value. This very comfortable chair has some incredibly history behind it.

Charles Eames & Eero Saarinen

Charles Eames & Eero Saarinen

  1. In 1940, Charles Eames and his friend, Eero Saarinen submitted a prototype of the organic chair to the 1940 New York Museum of Modern Art’s Organic Furniture Competition.
  2. The furniture designer and architect duo were searching for methods to improve on current furniture design and on the technology used in their construction. They wanted to design something that would accommodate the ever changing needs of consumers and society at large.
  3. The very first designs by Eames incorporated molded plywood. The idea of using molded plywood in furniture construction was completely brand new at the time but is now widely accepted as a norm within the furniture industry. This new way to manipulate plywood would set the stage for  the Eames Lounge Chair a few years later.
  4. Eames and Saarinen’s Eames Lounge Chair design was the winner of the 1940 Organic Furniture Competition and would’ve begun mass producing the chair but production was halted due to the second World War.
  5. Eames had contributed to the war by working on a U.S. Air Force production project focused on the creation of durable, long lasting plywood splints. This project benefited him in many ways – it helped him realize his goal of creating unique, comfortable and high quality designer lounge chairs through the combination of new technology and time-tested techniques of handcrafted methodologies. His stint at the Air Force enabled Eames to master his methods of combining molded plywood with complex curves.
  6. Charles Eames, along with his wife Ray, combining both craftsmanship and technology designed the Eames Lounge Chair in 1956. This impeccably crafted Lounge chair incubated a revolutionary change  in 20th century furniture design.
  7. Following the end of the second World War, Charles and his wife significantly built on the design methodologies of previous prototypes by Charles and Saarinen. Eames Lounge Chairs were among the first chairs ever to include a split backrest capable of responding to the comfort and position of the person sitting on the chair.
  8. The Eames Lounge chair changed the entire furniture production industry. Previously, furniture design relied on various materials, parts and fabrics to produce comfortable and attractive designs. The methods used to produce the Eames Lounge Chair married both technological advances and time-honored handcraft methods using a minimal amount of materials to construct a quality chair.
  9. Eames Lounge chairs, especially prototypes and early production designs are high value collector items for those with a penchant in mid-century modern furniture design.
  10. The New York Museum of Modern Art holds a permanent spot for the Eames Lounge  Chair.

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