Barcelona Bed Buying Guide

Barcelona Daybed - Elite Modern Furniture

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed the Barcelona Bed shortly after he created the Barcelona Chair and Ottoman. The Barcelona bed was designed using the same elements: clean lines, minimalist style, high quality leather and polished steel. The way the moonshine polished steel and luxurious leather are intertwined with one another is t he defining timeless appeal of the Barcelona collection. The entire Barcelona collection, along with the Barcelona bed, are inductees of the Museum of Modern Art.

One of the main elements of modern design is functionality. The Barcelona Daybed can be used as a bed, daybed and a couch. It’s an astounding work of art, which is not only visually appealing but it can serve multiple purposes and make the most of any space it occupies. It’s a staple of modern design and among the best furniture pieces to have in small spaces.

Here are a few points you should evaluate before purchasing a Barcelona daybed for your home.

Barcelona Daybed - Elite Modern Furniture

1) The first step is to ensure that the frame is constructed using quality hardwood, such as Sapele. Other hardwoods could be used as a substitute depending on the buyer’s tastes. Everything starts at the frame so quality wood is a must.

2) The hardwood frame should be lacquered with a clear coat for a protective finish.

3) Rubber webbing is bound to the hardwood frame to provide a firm  support to the mattress.

4) Eleven thick leather straps that contain the rubber webbing are visible on the frame. The leather straps should be dyed to match the upholstery of the cushion.

5) The cushions should be made from highly resilient urethane foam. The cushions should also contain a Dacron polyester fiberfill. They should, of course, also conform to the fire-retardant specifications of your region.

6) The luxurious leather upholstery contributes  significantly to the beauty of the Barcelona Bed. The leather should be a quality Italian leather, Spinneybeck, or aniline leather.

7) The Barcelona Bed is skilfully crafted with a 72-button hand-tufted cushion. The buttons should be individually welted and buttoned from a single cowhide.

8) The pillow on the bed itself  must be of the same leather quality and color as the mattress. Straps should be in place to secure the pillow to the cushion, and snaps provide stability to the pillow, as well as the freedom to move the pillow as desired.

9) It should have highly polished tubular steel legs with a stainless steel finish.

10) A high quality reproduction of the Barcelona Bed should be approximately 15” high, 39” wide, and 78” in diameter, with a seat height of about 15”.

The Barcelona Bed is both sophisticated and versatile and is one of the most stylish additions to any modern space, both big and small. To ensure its longevity, ensure that your production is top quality only and don’t be afraid to reorder worn out straps or cushions from your retailer of choice. The closer the replica is to the original, the better its quality and the longer it’ll last. Consider the tips above when purchasing a Barcelona Daybed replica. By using the tips above, you will have the ability to discern between ‘low quality knockoffs’ and ‘high quality reproductions’.


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