The Womb Chair and You


Created by renowned designer Saarinen in 1946, the Womb Chair is heralded as a classic example of contemporary furniture design. It’s one of those chairs where you can just sit and sink into. Saarinen focused his furniture style on 3 principles – utility, structure and fashionable design. He was commissioned to create a chair that an individual may comfortably draw in in and relax – and this gave rise to his vision of a chair which provided excellent security and relaxation. The chair is usually accompanied with an ottoman footrest in the same style and material to further enhance the entire comfort of sinking into this stylish, comfortable chair. informed connoisseurs of modern furniture will recognize the Womb Chair by its illustrious style, however as much as the chair is stylish, owners of this piece of furniture purchase it first and foremost due to it being one of the most relaxing and well designed chairs on the market.

The Womb Chair is one among several trendy classic chairs that provides a cradling feel and puts you in a relaxed position. Whether or not you use it as an accent piece to the remainder of your modern living room furniture or place it in a very quiet place excellent for a quick afternoon nap. Without a doubt, it will become your favorite chair.

Use these pointers to make optimum use of the chair:

• Purpose. the foremost notable and obvious aspect of the Womb Chair is its comfort. Place it in any space wherever you, your family or your guests are likely to spend some alone time in your home. A living room, TV room, reading area, nursery or space with giant windows with a nice view can enhance the usefulness of the chair.

• Space. It’s s a good idea to place the chair in a secluded yet cosy area of your home to bring out the sensation of being engulfed by its protection. attempt to avoid cluttering the area around the chair.

• Color. robust fashion colours are a part of the look of the mid-century period within which it was designed. Use the colour of the chairs as a focal point and accompany it with softer tones of identical colors to form a peaceful and soothing setting around the chair.

• Focus. choose the focus of your area and set your chairs to create the most effective use of the area. an area with a view can best be enjoyed by a two-chair layout facing a scenic window, a fireplace or a focal work of art. For rooms where you expect to entertain and spend time in conversation with friends and family, close clusters of 4 to 6 chairs placed near enough for easy conversation and within proximity of each other is ideal for small gatherings.

• Accessorize. With good comfort in mind, add accessories with the thought that anyone using this chair is probably going to pay an extended time there. Coffee tables and side table ought to be positioned close enough so that somebody lounging in the chair can reach them without straining.


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