Modern Chairs

Modern chairs are classy, elegant, of high quality and appear to cost a lot of money but these days, almost anyone despite their level of income can afford modern chairs via a new approach to selling furniture. If you wanted to buy a modern chair such as the Eames lounge chair or the barcelona chair, you would have to visit an upscale showroom where prices on replica furniture are jacked to cover overhead expenses. Today, top online retailers such as Elite Modern Furniture have replaced big show flashy showrooms with a personalized and convenient online store. Savings on overhead costs are passed down to the customer resulting in substantial lower prices.

Eames Style Lounge ChairBarcelona ChairAn online model effectively eliminates the middleman which allows you to deal directly with the manufacturer and retailer. This allows the common man to purchase furniture which may have been well beyond his means a decade ago.

For example, if we take a look at the Fashion industry where Europe, particularly London, Paris and Milan were hubs of high fashion with astronomical price tags. And although this is still the case today, you can now buy high quality fashion almost anywhere at very reasonable prices. What changed? As the middle class expanded and prospered, their taste for expensive purchases also grew. Therefore, there was a gap in the marketplace for high quality replicas of high fashion designs such as clothing and furniture. Companies like EMFurn were created to fill this gap. Reproductions are made by hand in factories located across the world.

The end result is both fashionable and well made and costs hundreds of dollars below their authentic counterparts sold in furniture showrooms or online. Luxury which once belonged to the Elite class is now easily affordable and available to the masses. This advent in process and technology has enabled more people to buy modern contemporary chairs and furniture regardless of their income level or social status.


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